Problem:  Every once in a while some guitar players will go out and party hard.  Sometimes they may even injure their strumming hand.  Also, some musicians may suffer from arthritis, or issues that make holding a standard guitar plectrum (aka pick). 
Solution:  An ergonomic Guitar Pick Grip designed to hold standard guitar picks.
This design uses standard guitar picks that are mounted into a custom handle using set screws.  The picks can be easily replaced.  Ideally, this would be fabricated out of metal, but that's just a ridiculously expensive concept that would cost hundreds of dollars each... so... it's also easily 3D printed out of ABS, PLA, or any other SLA/FDM processes.  
Currently, the only issue with plastic is that the set screws tend to wear away the plastic threads after a several pick replacements.  Oh... and it also depends on how Hard Core the musician is.
The design of the grip can be easily customized for larger and smaller hands.  I think it would be a lot of fun to make one for a famous rock star one day.  If you ever hear of a guitar player with an injury, please send them to me! 

Modeled in Onshape.  (Btw, if you use Solidworks, then go check out Onshape.  Honestly, I will never use Solidworks again.) 
The below images were rendered in Adobe Dimension.
(Note:  I have been experimenting with Dimension, and it's got lots of potential.  I believe that the visible faceting on some of the surfaces is due to an .STL file import limitation of Dimension.  Once Adobe releases support for .STEP file imports, I think this may fix the issue.)
Yikes!  I need to adjust the lighting angle on this.  The whole rim is blown out.  Oy...
Yikes! I need to adjust the lighting angle on this. The whole rim is blown out. Oy...

Below is a variation with a higher support angle that can work with a "thumb in a cast".
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