This is the class I'm teaching at The School of Visual Arts!

We are witnessing the rapid adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), open innovation, open talent and automation in society and businesses. This course will investigate these tools and technologies, and examine their disruptive power. We will explore how AI/ML affect the human experience, how they represent an existential threat to the contributions of artists and designers, and how they will change the work that we do. By applying the direct use of generative AI tools, we will consider their current limitations and how creatives can adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of AI, ML, open innovation, open talent, automation, ethics, bias, business strategy, and more. We will use various generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, Microsoft Copilot, Midjourney, Firefly and Stable Diffusion throughout the course, and students will create a portfolio of content. How to develop strategies for using AI/ML within your practice will also be addressed.
NOTE: This course is fully online and offered through synchronous sessions during the listed course hours.
In addition to the weekly asynchronous and portfolio assignments, there are also weekly Peer Learning sessions held over the weekend. Optional Office Hours are also available.
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