I started with a few directions on the logo design, two of which are outlined here.  One was a "hand-drawn style", and the other using the CAD Diagram as a reference.  I settled on the hand drawn style for several reasons, the most important being I ran out of time to keep working on the Logo.  It was time to file for Trademarks, finalize the toy laser engraving, and start packaging design. So without a chosen logo, it was holding things up.
I learned a lot since going through this process, and one day I want to explore redesigning this Logo.
Side Story:  I originally started naming and branding the toy as "Twiddle Twister".  Many weeks into the project, my lawyers informed me that the word "Twiddle" is in a mess of Trademark litigation.  This made it easy to use the name for my consulting company, Untwist, as the name for the Toy.  I already had the Trademark for "Untwist" in a different category, so it was easy to apply for it in the toy category.
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